I Love Kythera
Imagine Kythera


«I discovered Greece in 2007 during a long week-end and I immediately fell in love with the language. So I decided to learn it in Paris, and I started to visit regularly Greece so that I could talk and know better the way of living. Then, in September 2009, encouraged by my Greek teacher whose grandmother was born in Kythira, I left to this island completely unknown to me. My only references were the Watteau painting and the French poets and musicians in their fantasy for the island of Aphrodite. First, it seemed hostile, sad and not very inviting: empty beaches, empty restaurants, isolated and sparsely populated villages … I was a little bit disappointed. But curiosity was stronger: I have travelled all the roads of the island, I walked, I took pictures, and I went back with the desire to discover this island out of season, to see how people live. I always liked to understand the lives of people in many countries so different from my Parisian life. I have traveled a lot, especially in Africa, because I have an adventurous spirit and I like to meet the others. Certainly browsing Kythira was not a dangerous experience but it was a kind of challenge. Gradually, the light, the landscapes, the traditions, the people, all this made me want to share my experience with my friends and photography was very useful ! I am not a photographer, I just love beauty. I can find it everywhere but Kythira has a magnetism, a light and a beauty that inspire me… Now my challenge became a reality !»