The Green heart Lagoon

by Dimitris Baltzis
The magic green pool on Kythira is a natural swimming pool in the west of Kythira. The “Green Lake” as it is also called is remote and it is best to take a boat excursion here. You can also hike, but that is not without danger and only for advanced hikers. There is no real path and the rocks on the way are quite sharp. We call this special place after all, because you can sail here from Kapsali in the summer months with a glass bottom boat.


If you still want to walk, you start from Limnionas. Wear good walking shoes and preferably a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. In the beginning the walk is still quite easy, but the last fifteen minutes that changes quickly. In total, the walk takes about an hour and bring plenty of drinking water. The last part is scrambling over fairly sharp rocks. It is also a steep descent and you have to be careful here.


In the summer months there are possibilities to sail with a “glass bottom boat” to the magic green pool from Kapsali. A safe and easy way to get to the natural seawater pool. Captain Spyros also sails to caves on the islet of Chytra and ask in advance when the excursion is scheduled.


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