Portokalia springs Karavas | A hidden paradise up north

by Dimitris Baltzis
A place where all the colors of the earth bloom during Spring time and just change their shades for the rest of the year, without changing at all their magical aura.
Bridges to enter but also to pass to the next villages, running gargle & cool water around the place, unexpected turns that unfold surprises and incomparable beauties. Graphic forms of people, properties, streets. 
Hike around official signed Kythera Trail M49 and those heavenly images will show up one by one in a blink of your eye.
Keramari Spring, Amir Ali spring, Portokalia spring, Paliovoskina spring, Mavrogiorgianika’s abandoned settlement, Vaggianika, Ntentianika are some of the spots someone will step on during his tour around the area which can lead all the way down to Platia Ammos village and Moudari Lighthouse. 
Grab the opportunity and take a visit. Talk with the locals and have a tour from “the inside”. Worth it. 
For more information contact the local association “Portokalia Tou Karava”

Aristea Protonotariou

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