The waterfall of Fonissa and the green path

by Dimitris Baltzis

After parking your car in Mylopotamos, you will get the path that for years led to the, now wrecked, watermills. Along it, you will see several stone ruins of water mills that used to operate in the canyon and gave their name to the region Mylopotamos (mill-river). As you proceed, you will begin to hear the sound of the waterfalls below, while you will be welcomed by the countless colorful ‘liveloules’-dragonflies, which are the main residents this fairy land. At the first waterfall, the water emerges from 20 meters high, forming a pond where you can cool off and enjoy the lush landscape. Just below, the magical scenery is complemented by another waterfall that forms another pond. A huge plane tree provides shade, and the play of the light through its branches onto the landscape adds to this magical atmosphere. Be advised: the waters of the two ponds are crystal clear and tempting, but the temperature is comparable to what you might find in Alaska, so don’t be a hero. The cool oasis is an ideal refuge from the strong midday sun of summer, and of course one of the must-see spots of the island. – Copyright ©


After the Fonissa waterfall you can continue the hike to the watermill of Filippi. It is the only watermill that has been renovated along the path. There during the summer months you can be guided inside the mill. At the same time you can enjoy snacks and coffee in a green environment.



If you are a hiker, follow the trail. Small lakes with green cold waters and small waterfalls, plane trees and wild apricots will cool you from the summer heat. For the more adventurous, the trail ends at Kalami beach. This course should only be done by a person who knows the area. There is no cellular network throughout the hike, so you need to be extra careful.

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