Trecking to Trachilas

When my friends and I decided on a path to follow in search of Trachilas, the neck of Kythera ,we never imagined that this would be such a lovely place. So much with enthusiasm we took some photos of our trip. We were positive that you would also see the raw beauty through our camera lens.
It was a sunny day with the occasional cloud passing through .The breeze was perfect and the weather stable.
Eugenia, Elena, Teo,Theodora (Elena’s dog) and myself were about to live the experience of trekking to Trachilas. This is a must see, a destination you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Kythera Island.
The pictures below have captured some of the magic and wilderness of the landscape, combining the camera lens’s black and colour touch ups.
My favourite ? , hard to say, I enjoyed photographing every moment.
Trekking and breathing the clean air was well worth the adventure.
Would love to hear your comments and see you there…!!!

Distance: 3,6χλμ./3,6km

Grade of  path 3/5
 1 Easy 2 Moderate 3 Compatible 4 Difficult 5 Too difficult

 Words/Photography: Dimitris Baltzis

Translation from the Greek edited by Andrianna Athas Fardoulis      

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