Eresus spider | The ladybird

by Dimitris Baltzis

The mother spider-ladybug dies after hatching her eggs so that her young can be fed from her body.

As a species, they are known for their ability to make silk domes and pipes which they decorate with the remains of eaten beetles and ants, as humans put the heads of animals they have killed on the walls.

This beautiful insect was on the verge of extinction in the 1990s when there was only one colony of 56 spiders left across Britain. Since then, however, several attempts have been made to save the species and in August 2011, it was released back into the wild.

However, the species is still at risk of extinction and it is characteristic that recently, in April 2017, an amount of 4.6 million pounds was set for the protection of this species and 19 other endangered species in England.

The ladybug spider is considered an endangered species in other countries as well, such as Belgium, where it was only rediscovered in 2009.

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