The Nordland shipwreck in Diakofti

by Dimitris Baltzis

The Nordland shipwreck is a popular diving spot off the coast of Kythera island and one of the best wrecks in Southern Greece. The former cargo ship was launched in 1986 and in August 2020, while on a voyage to Turkey, it ran aground at Dragonares islet. Nordland now lies intact with its stern on the sea bottom at a depth of about 30 meters (100 feet) and its bow protruding from the water.

This massive steel ship of 127 meters (417 feet) in length is suitable for advanced divers. Nordland features entry points that allow divers to explore its insides. Penetration should only be attempted by experienced wreck divers.  

Diving is affected by the weather and should be attempted under favorable weather conditions. Moderate currents are observed along the wreck. Visibility is good: 10 to 20 meters (33-66 feet).

As you’d expect, marine life is not as abundant as in the more tropical destinations. You’ll see regulars of the Aegean Sea such as damselfish, groupers, white seabreams, and blue-fin tuna.

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