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The magic of Milopotamos and Fonissa Waterfalls


Believe it or not! The magic of Milopotamos and Fonissa Waterfalls.

I have taken so many photos of Milopotamos and the waterfalls of Fonissa, I could not believe the difficulty I faced when the time came for me to choose which one to post here.

In my attempt to help resolve this small dilemma, I improvised by closing my eyes to enter the magic wonderland of Fonissa. Whilst listening to my music, I imagined myself floating over Milopotamo’s traditional square under the everlasting tree of Kaliopi.

Beginning from the taverna eatery called’ Platano’ , I revisit in my mind the steps of walking until eventually I found my self lost in the dense flourishing foliate of vegetation. I recalled the harmonious melody of the crystal waters running and the array of aromatic smells amongst the untouched nature. The legendary Fonissa waterfalls enliven a mystical mood within me.

The myths along with countless stories you can uncover when exploring the old stone watermill has carried many a tale in history. Under every stone I picked up from the earth I had this incredible feeling of escaping from the negativity of our daily living. This small beautiful canyon of Milopotamos has an alluring, entrancing inspiration to our senses. It is not until we touch upon the raw beauty you can see the positivity and calmness to a distant crystal dream of voyage.

Peaceful serenity….I am not surprised I take so many photos of the Fonissa.. 

Words/Photography:Dimitris Baltzis


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