When I imagine , I see..in Agia Pelagia

Should I travel?

To travel I just need to be: I travel from day to day, from every train station to another or even my own body’s station, or my destiny’s. I walk with my head down along the streets, at squares leaving behind faces and gestures;everything is the same , everything is different..like the scenery here.

If I imagine, I see.

What more can come out of travelling? Only fantacy’s weakness can justify movement as the fullfillment of senses.

“Every venue will lead you to the other side of the world.” But that other side since the time the world got exchausted when we took it on a walk, is the same place you come from.

We make life. Our travels are the travellers. What we see isn’t what it seems;its what we are. 

Words:Fernando Pessoa

Photography:Dimitris Baltzis 

Translation from Greek edited by Anna Kapsanis   




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